Amazon Appeal Drop shipping violation:

Reasons why Amazon drop shippers get their accounts suspended.

When seller go against the following amazon drop shipping polices. They faces account suspension. We will discuss one by one drop shipping polices and I will explain how you can get yourself out of danger.

1- Be the seller of record of your products.

Its means to identify yourself on your products. Have your own packaging, prints, labels and slips

You must show yourself as the owner of the products.

2- Mistake by majority drop shippers:

They ship products directly from Walmart to buyer, with Walmart packings and labels.

When buyers see the Walmart packings, they confused that they ordered from amazon, how they can receive product from Walmart. So they fill negative feedback against the seller that they don’t receive the product or they don’t receive what they ordered.

In this way negative feedback rate increases which increases the ODR above 1% and suspend the account after warning.

Solution of this problem:

To become the owner of product

  • You have to stop ordering directly from Walmart. Or change the labels before going to buyer. But it is difficult for sellers.
  • You have to find that drop shipper suppliers, who can use your labels and ship order directly to your buyer.
  • Identify yourself as the seller of your products on all packing slips, invoices, external packaging, and other information included or provided in connection with them.

Mistake by majority drop shippers:

As we discussed earlier mostly drop shippers do this mistake, they don’t change packing slips, external packing and other information related to seller.


Don’t choose any supplier for drop shipping who cannot use your packing slips and external packaging. Or cannot issue invoices according to your demand.

Choose drop shipper suppliers, who can follow the terms of amazon. You can use salehoo and other similar sites to find them.

3- Be responsible for accepting and processing customer returns of your products.

Mistake by majority drop shippers.

Mostly drop-shippers do this mistake by shipping order from Walmart directly to the buyers. When buyer ask for return.

Seller have only one option to handle return by himself because Walmart can’t do this for him.


Choose drop shipper suppliers, who can follow the polices of customer return of amazon. You can use salehoo and other similar sites to find them.

If you want that we reinstate your account.

Account Suspension
Account Suspension
Account Suspension
Account Suspension
Account Suspension

Drop shipping account suspension due to high ODR (Order defect rate)

What is ODR (order defect rate):

The Order Defect Rate (ODR) is a key measure of your ability to provide a good customer experience. It includes all orders with one or more defects represented as a percentage of total orders during a given 60-day time period.

According to Amazon ODR should be less than 1%. If you exceed this limit your account may come at risk of suspension. So you have to keep an eye on it.

If ODR increases to 1% :

Mostly FBM sellers or drop-shippers when their ODR exceeds 1%.

Your Order defect rate exceeded the target of 1%. Submit the Plan of action within 72hours, why your ODR exceeded? Otherwise, your account will be deactivate.

ODR depends upon 3 main factors:

1) Negative Feedback

2) A-Z claims

3)Charge Back claims

1) Negative Feedback Rate:

The Negative Feedback Rate (represented as a percentage) is the number of orders that have received negative feedback divided by the number of orders in the relevant period. This metric is order-correlated, meaning we look at the date of the order (not the date on which the feedback was received) when computing the rate.

If you received negative feedback from a buyer, it is recommended that you try to identify the cause of the issue and work with the buyer. You should have to refund him as soon as possible in this situation.

2) A-to-z Guarantee Claim Rate:

The A-to-z Guarantee Claim Rate (represented as a percentage) is the number of orders with a relevant claim divided by the number of orders in a given 60-day time period. You can manage and take action on claims via the A-to-z Guarantee Claims page.

The following types of claims impact your ODR:

  • Claims that are granted and debited from your account
  • Claims for which you refunded the customer after the claim was filed
  • Claims for which you or Amazon cancelled the order
  • Claims that are pending a decision

The following types of claims do not impact your ODR:

  • Claims that are granted and paid for by Amazon
  • Claims that are denied to the customer
  • Claims that were withdrawn by the customer

3) Charge Back claims Rate:

The Credit Card Chargeback Rate (represented as a percentage) is the number of orders that have received a credit card chargeback divided by the number of orders in the relevant period. The metric is order-correlated, meaning we look at the date of the order (not the date on which the service chargeback was received) when computing the rate.

Possible problems might include:

  • The buyer claims they didn’t receive the item.
  • The buyer returned the item, but didn’t receive a refund.
  • The buyer received a damaged or defective product.

What we do with account suspended due to high ODR.

First of all, we analyze the account and find the exact root cause. Why the customers filling negative feedbacks or A-Z claims. Sometimes, We get the idea from customers reviews.

Main causes of ODR increases:

  • Some times due to poor shipping company, buyers received their order late. So they don’t hesitate in filling the negative feedback against the seller.
  • When drop shipper uses Walmart and ship their orders directly to the buyer. Buyer Shocked to see the price on the packaging. which is obviously less than what he paid to amazon. So he filled the A-Z claims on the seller feedback. That he didn’t receive the original item or they received the fake item.
  • Sometimes in FBM system, sellers delayed in confirming shipment of orders. So late shipment rate increases. Results in ODR increases.

How we write Plan of action:

POA varies from case to case in every suspension case. Sometimes, ODR increases due to A-Z claims. That may be due to wrong packaging of Walmart or due to late received. Sometimes due to higher negative feedbacks in products with more variations.

So in each case we analyze the account first then we write a exact plan of action after finding the root cause.

If you want that we reinstate your account.

Account Suspension
Account Suspension
Account Suspension


In new drop shipping accounts, when seller list on gated category or received complaints from
buyers. Amazon suspended their accounts according to the section 3 and ask for invoices of
particular asins. But mostly drop shippers are using retailers for buying so they don’t have invoices
for that asins.
Mostly Drops-hippers try to solve this case by submitting fake invoices. Some get Reinstated luckily and
most of them received forged invoices email. And that’s make the case more horrible.
Because amazon don’t compromise, if somebody try to fool them. And in this case amazon wasted all
your funds also.
How we approached this case?
Because amazon asked for invoice, so we cannot convince them by only POA. We had to submit invoices
For this we arranged verified supplier, who is verified by US Businesses.
We need that supplier
Who can answer amazon call for our verification
Have some Non-Branded Products (which don’t need any type of approval to sell.)
Can issue invoices according to amazon demand.
So we ordered some inventory from that verified supplier. In this way we get Invoices.
As amazon expecting past invoices. So they could not be easily convinced by future invoices. For that we
also submitted proper


How we appealed:
First of all we apologized that we unknowingly missed amazon polices. As we listed branded
products or restricted products, Amazon de-activated our account and asked for invoices we failed to

provide because unfortunately we were sourcing from Walmart and it doesn’t offer any type of
So we have deleted listings against the mentioned asins, we don’t want to sell those products
,because we didn’t find any verified supplier for it. So we have arranged new verified supplier and
have bought some future inventory.
So kindly review our future invoices and reinstate our account.
Amazon reinstated this account after reviewing.
If you want that we reinstate your account

Account Suspension
Account Suspension
Account Suspension
Account Suspension
Account Suspension

Account reinstatement RELATED ACCOUNT

We recently opened a related account. I will try to introduce many new strategies related to
reinstatement in this case study.
One of my permanent client gave me a case. In which 2 accounts was related with each other…
Let assume two accounts A and B
In which account A was failed in verification process and suspended. Due to this, his friends account
B also got de-activated in a relation to A account.
According to client, he used account A card in account B. That’s how they related.
How we analyzed the case
We compare each and every detail of both accounts. And we got nothing similar but credit cards…
We removed card from account B, that was belonging to account A, which was failed in verification
process and got suspended
After this we tried to open account A, but client have buy these both accounts, he had no documents
for both. So we failed to complete the verification of account A
So we started work on account B by convincing Amazon to prove that he has only one account on
these details.
But unfortunately, we had no original documents of account B too. So we couldn’t provide LLC or
identity documents.
Due to this Amazon repeatedly rejected our submissions. After that, we arranged a call with seller
performance agent.

He suggested us some notes that Amazon don’t need your appeal, they need some proofs that how
you are not related to account A
Then we worked on new strategy. We showed to Amazon that the owner of both accounts was
partner, then they ended their partnership before the date of deactivation of both accounts.
For proof we attached 2 documents
1. partnership document
2. Withdraw of partnership
We submitted these two documents with strong appeal… explaining the actual root cause( use of
friends card).
But Amazon also rejected this submission. We again arranged a call from seller performance agent.

He said amazon need more real proof of withdraw partnership. We got happy that we are on way
because amazon was following our appeal.
Then we create a email screenshot from account B seller email…
In this email, client sent email to his past partner (owner of account A). Telling him that his account
is suspended due to the relation to yours account and he asked him that do you want to reinstate???
He replied that he no longer want to sell on Amazon, he is shifting his business to Walmart.
With this proof we mentioned in appeal that he no longer needs his account but we want to reinstate
our account.
We submitted this appeal in Canada market. at last Amazon reinstated this account, after
one month of struggle.
Attached documents:
1. appeal
2. Email conversation
3. Partnership document
4. Withdrawal of partnership document
More smaller market more you have chance to reinstate the whole account.
Means if you failed to convince Amazon in USA. Try in other markets with improved strategy,
It can only possible in that accounts in which Amazon suspend all markets.
If you want that we reinstate your account click the

Account Suspension

Section 3 Code of Conduct

Account Suspension
section 3
Account Suspension
Account Suspension
Account Suspension
Account Suspension
Account Suspension
Account Suspension
Amazon Appeal
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