We Help Sellers Amazon Appeal Suspensions And Get Their Accounts Reinstated, Amazon Seller Account Consultancy Global Services.


The Amazon is a purely customer centric industry and imbibes strict rules to be followed by every seller who wishes to join in the market place. A small misplacement of your performance can easily lead to seller account suspension, which can be an exasperating situation for a general seller. We are there to give you expert advice and help you re-instate your account. Seven years experience on the platforms helps our team to handle amazon suspension reasons.

Working with suspensions in all the above listed areas, we are able to appeal in the exact fashion as required by seller performance team. They also understands that mistakes do happen, and we shall help you resolve them so that you are re-instated successfully.

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We Help Sellers Amazon Appeal Suspensions And Get Their Accounts Reinstated, Amazon Seller Account Consultancy Global Services.

Dropshipping Violation

we help to get you selling again within 24 hours.

High ODR

we keep your account health within the limits with our expertise.

Section 3

Lock Account, Code of conduct open within a quick time.

High Sales Velocity

The amazon appeals we help you grow, not only sustain.

Low Late Shipment

The amazon appeals solve issue within 72 hours.


The amazon appeals100% resolve VTR our expert team minimum time.

Inauthentic Product Complaint

The amazon appeals100% resolve our expert team minimum time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer refund guarantee based
on the status of your Seller Account and Suspension.

The amazon appeals first step. We investigate your account and performance to intricate levels so that we can offer you the most appropriate services.

We will provide you with the best analysis service and appeal for your Amazon seller account, but unfortunately, due to the nature of the business and industry, we cannot manipulate the outcome from Amazon.

The amazon appeals if you follow our instructions and do not implement any changes in the appeal documents, we assure you a money-back guarantee depending on the case and your account status. Amazon appeals process can go up to 15 rejections. We value our time and your time, if we think the account cannot be reinstated, we will stop working on the case and issue you a full refund. It will be our decision when to conclude the case.

We shall continue handling the appeal for your account until your account has been re-instated. This will include all the consecutive responses that Amazon demands regarding your account suspension and activation. We do a thorough check-up for every reply from Amazon and correct the mistakes so that you are back in action in no time. The best part – we only charge you once!

The amazon appeals service depends on individual cases, we are well conscious about your time. After reviewing your suspension, we will submit your amazon account appeal within 24-72 hours. Amazon takes 1-7 days to deliver a response. Although, we cannot control their response time. According to our experience, accounts have been reinstated in an hour, a day, a few days and up to 60 days.

Once your account has been reinstated, we are out of the contract. Amazon can suspend the account again for any other violations. Service is limited to one suspension only.

Yes, we offer refund policy. After submitting your order, we have 60 days to re-instate your amazon account. After 60 days, if we cannot re-instate your account or in case you did not satisfy with our services, we immediately refund your 50% amount.


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